Wenches With Wrenches

Workshops for Accessible Cycle Care (WACC)

WACC delivers hands-on bike repair workshops to everyone, from refugees to retirees. With tools and repair stands strapped to our electric cargo bike, we pedal and train our way across the Wellington region.

Tangi-te-keo/Mt Victoria

A family-friendly one day bike repair workshop in Tangi-te-keo /Mt Victoria on July 21st. Beginners and intermediate sessions.  More info and registration here.


A comprehensive  5 week bike repair course in the CBD for beginners (and near beginners). Thursday nights in August. For more info and to register, visit the WACC website.

Wenches With Wrenches is a loose collective of people affiliated with Mechanical Tempest, keen on taking down the patriarchy and getting more people on bikes.

This year we’ve been running some night courses for women and gender minorities, the Bike WRACC series.

Bike WRACC is a 4-week bicycle repair and confidence course run by and for women and gender minorities. We’ll take you through learning bike lingo and anatomy, what you need to do to maintain your bike in tip-top condition, and how to fix things when they do go wrong. We’ll also find some time to talk about feeling confident and safe cycling through the city, setting up your bike to meet your needs, and building a cycling community.

What people said about previous Bike WRACCs:
“Awesome course : ) My bike is much more functional and I am inspired to share my new knowledge. The space was friendly and welcoming.”
“Super knowledgeable, accessible, empowering, fun! I feel more at one with my bike!”


Workshops are traditionally spaces dominated by ‘the guys’ – the straight cis-gender ones. This can make the very act of stepping in to a workshop an intimidating one for women and others who don’t fit the mould. We aim to empower women, queers, trans*people and others on the LGBTI spectrum to feel comfortable working on their bikes, being in the workshop, and to feel confident ‘talking bike’.

Wenches With Wrenches has been in existence in some capacity since 2012, when a group of women mechanics at the Mechanical Tempest saw a need to carve out a safe space for people who are not straight cis-males. From our first casual workshop sessions, a special energy was born based around mucking with bikes, learning and teaching together, drinking tea and chit chatting. The kaupapa of opening up the world of bikes and workshops to a more diverse group of people continues today, with the Bike WRACC courses offering a semi-comprehensive introduction to bike mechanics.

Thanks to Wenches past and present: Rosie, Ania, Raquel, Nicole, Boon, Sylvie, Steph and Phoebe!

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Drop an email to wencheswithwrencheswlg@gmail.com if you’re interested in helping organise and run workshops, or just want to be kept in the loop about future events.


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